Pre Design Marketing Questionnaire
Please be as detailed and specific as possible when filling this out. We recognize that you many have many types of customers, however, we are looking to create a design that registers with your strongest customer profile possible. Your comments here will be cross-referenced with the analytics &  data that Moondog has access to.
Thank's for doing this exercise. You'll need about 15-20 minutes.

Your answers will help us better understand the kind of customers your website needs to attract.

What is your first name? *

Briefly describe your ideal sales funnel for people coming into your website. *

For example: Google Search > Fill in a Form
Persona Name

Make up a fictional name for a "typical" person who fits with your idea of an ideal customer. This will help us with branding.
Why are they looking at your website ? *

What is your prospect looking for? What is essential to her choice?
What does she worry about? What criteria will she use to make her decision and so on.

We want to know the issues that mean the most to your target audience. What are the things that are behind every decision he or she makes in terms of choosing your company.
What are his / her fears, challenges, problems? *

What are they thinking about when choosing a school? What's important to them?
What is his or her role in the buying process? *

Are they just doing the research ? Are they the person who pays ?
How are they evaluating you compared to your competitors? *

In other words, what would make them choose another another company: poor price ?
What lead magnets will your website have ? *

i.e. so people give you their email address.

Remember: B2B marketing typically requires 6 points of contact before a purchase is made. What are you doing to get visitors to your site into your CRM ? marketing automation?

What marketing automation tools are you already using ? *

Where is he or she active online ? *

Where is he or she MOST active online ? *

Please share the URL of a website you think we should be inspired by when making mock-ups for your new site? *

We don't want to copy anything, but points of reference are always useful
Share the URL of another website you think we should be inspired by if you want to...

We don't want to copy anything, but points of reference are always useful
Do you have extra information, comments or ideas about what your website needs to communicate with your leads and prospects?

You can always follow up on this with an email to
That's done! Thanks so much.
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